Spy Cam (3ch)

Be a “DIRECTOR in the AIR”!This amazing indoor helicopter, with electronic gyro for superb directional stability, features an innovative built-in camera for digital photographs and HQ video recording! 




  • Take up to 3 minutes of video (at resolution 640 X 480) or take hundreds of photos (at resolution 1280 X 960).
  • 3-Channel control allows flying up and down, forward & backward, left and right
  • Stabilized by sophisticated built in gyroscope for the clearest pictures
  • Use the remote transmitter button to take the pictures and video
  • Plug in computer to download the video and photos
  • User friendly Graphic Unit Interface on PC to adjust the photo or video setting.
  • Real time capturing to see the effect on screen.
  • White color LED to indicate photo capturing or vdieo recording.
  • Download videos and photos through USB
  • Charging through transmitter or USB
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    By GlenCollie on 12/27/2011


    This is a great little aircraft. It's easy to fly, and versatile. The manuals are a bit hard to read (6 pt type) because they are printed in 12 or so languages. Although the box shows examples of the software being used on a MacBook, there are NO MAC DRIVERS AS YET! You can mount the memory in the helicopter as a mac folder and copy the pictures and avi files onto a mac, but you cannot control the camera settings using a mac!

    There are lots of variations of flashing lights during the flying and charging but I've yet to find any reference to what they mean in the manual.

    Website (this one) lacks details, so get it together guys. All these movies are nice, but don't help much in the nitty-gritty.

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