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helicopter spins anticlockwise only trim button does not alter problem

avatar EwoutPaats
Answer: same problem here; rotating anti clockwise; resulting in a desperate child
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avatar ronny
Answer: Try to adjust lowerwings with screwdriver. It should help.
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avatar JoeriWillems
Answer: I have a Blu-Tech Helicopter for iPad/iPod and have the same problem. It keeps turning right (clockwise) slowly, even if I trim to the left. On the YouTube video they keep tapping the trim button, but on my iPod App the maximum trim is +10 (right) or -10 (left). Is there a way to reset previous trims? I have the HC for only a week!!! Silverlit not responding is reflecting negatively on the company image!!!
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avatar EricKuraitis
Answer: so whats the answer?
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avatar silverlit
Answer: Hi, You can try to trim the helicopter and it should help if you do it correctly. Here's the trimming tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah8iqxnjnI8
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avatar RichardGreenhalgh
Answer: Obviously Silverlit is aware of this problem, but refuses to answer it.
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avatar Michael
Answer: Mine does the same and it lifts off the ground about 2 inches max
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avatar Sean
Answer: Where is the solution from the company?? Come on Silverlit, you need to help your customers resolve this issue.
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avatar JamesFinlay
Answer: I'm having the same problem - kinda I've had no problems with it until recently. every now and again the helicopter spins out of control as though the rear rotor has stopped? Any ideas? did you figure it out?
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