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See and learn how Silverlit works with the Environment, Our Team and the greater Society that belongs to us all.


What’s Cooking in Our Kitchen?

Creating toys is hard work and Silverlit’s Kitchen at our factory Complex works hard to feed our large family.

It might not seem obvious, but our Kitchen is environmentally smart. Since 2009, Smart filters separate the water from oil and dirt, for reuse as our chefs work their magic. We even installed heat-transfer technology so that we could reuse the heat from cooking to heat other areas of our operations; yet at the same time reduce our electricity usage.


Solar Synergy

The Sun sends Earth enough energy to power the World every minute for 24 days. That’s a lot of energy, so why not let it help power our factory?

Since 2005, we have progressively installed, on the roofs of our many buildings over 20,000 Square Meters of solar panels. Our solar panels convert the Sun's rays into heating energy for our water supplies, which means less power for pollution and more power for the environment and our toys.


Recycle Water

Recyle water is the most widely used form of renewable energy, how does Silverlit make use of it?

The Spray Department in Silverlit uses specially-designed eco-friendly air-conditioning. It is a system that emits zero fluorine, and is able to carry the heat away through the circulation of recycle water. Thus, saving a huge amount of water and electricity whilst keeping the working environment at a comfortably temperature.


Dust-free clean working environment

Providing the best working environment is always our top priority but what's a dust-free clean room?

The harmful smell of rosin and the taste of tin in manufactoring are absorbed by our new Wave Soldering machine before it could causes any pollution. The tin soldering work is now done by the Reflow Soldering system, which automatically absorbing & filtering the smoke & smell of tin. The air quality in our working environment is greatly improved by these purifying systems.


Silverlit's Back Garden

We bet you know all of our toys are born in this 70,000s.q.m factory, but you might not aware that thousands of trees, flowers and plants found their home here as well.

We take advantage of every single open space planting a variety of flowers and evergreen shrub. Our factory's main building, staff dormitory, staff canteen and other buildings around the open space has formed a professional green belt and built the Silverlit's back garden.


Brighter future, lesser energy consumption

We believe a brighter future is achieved by consuming less energy.

By 2011, most of our main office and factory buildings had upgraded to smart energy saving LED lighting. From office to corridor to the production line, we successfully maintained the balance between brightness and energy saving with the installation of these smart LED lighting, some of them even uses T5 lighting. It’s an on-going plan until we have saved the electricity consumption at every single corner.


Learning to Fly.

Everyone at Silverlit started scratching their head in 2004 when we decided to create a completely new line of flying toys.
Our Global Managing Director Mr. Choi understood the importance of learning the basics before achieving the fantastic. That's why he started by bringing a 40 year expert with remote control planes to be our consultant in making the world's smallest RC helicopter.
There's always a time to learn and explore - that time is now.


Awards and Applause.

Are the most awarded products always the best sellers?

Years ago, we created a toy and entered it into a well known design contest. The judges agreed that it was almost perfect in design, function and safety - enough to be the champion.

It turns out the toy may have won the award but not the hearts of our consumers. Nowadays, we look for applause not only from award shows but more importantly from YOU.


Silverlit gives orphans another chance

Over the 30 years that Silverlit has created toys we have come to learn of the indivisible bond between children and toys.

As the backbone of every society, children are our future. It only felt right for us to set up a Charity Fund dedicated to helping orphans in China overcome critical barriers in their life; such as recieving a proper education. The Fund has also contributed to the setting up of schools in rural areas.


4050 Programme

In 2007, a workshop was set up in Huai De, Dongguan, providing jobs for 40-50yrs old housewives. Over 80 job seekers were hired and they were offered some light work such as packaging, with flexible working hours. 

“We used to be full-time housewives for over 20 years and life started to get bored. The 4050 programme in Silverlit provides us not only a workplace but a small society. We found friends here where we could share cooking recipes and shopping information." said Ms Tang, participant of "4050" since 2007.

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